Feeling “High” For An Extra Long Time — Can You Feel Delta-8’s Effects Days After Use?

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Delta-8 may have been nicknamed “diet weed,” but it can feel as intense as delta-9 THC to lightweight tokers. In fact, there are reports of people feeling a “delta-8 high” far longer than one night. If you take more delta-8 than you can handle, you can experience psychoactive sensations for days. Some chronic users have even reported feeling “THC highs” weeks after a smoking session, especially after a workout.

Although doctors are still learning about the chemistry and absorption of delta-8 THC, plenty of anecdotal reports suggest its effects can linger if you’re not careful. Customers who don’t already have a delta-8 tolerance must start with below the smallest recommended dose to avoid a disastrous first experience.

How Is It Possible To Feel Delta-8 THC Days After Use?

The main reason delta-8 can affect some people for so long is its fat-soluble structure. Unlike water-soluble compounds like B vitamins, you won’t excrete delta-8 in one go. Instead, cannabinoids like delta-8 get stored in our body’s fat cells for days, weeks, or even months. The more delta-8 THC you ingest, the longer it will take to release this cannabinoid from your system.

Also, many tests show delta-9 THC breaks down into countless metabolites, each of which has an incredibly long half-life. Since delta-8 is similar to delta-9 THC, many researchers assume it could remain in a person’s body for a similarly long period.

Interestingly, a few trials suggest chronic marijuana smokers release tons of delta-9 THC after a strenuous workout. Since we “burn fat” during cardio, it makes sense that this “lodged THC” would start flowing into our sweat and bloodstream. Believe it or not, many marijuana users have reported feeling a little extra “runner’s high” in these situations.

So, How Can People Prevent A Multi-Day Delta-8 High?

The only way to prevent feeling delta-8’s effects longer than a few hours is to focus on quality and dosage. As we constantly mention on Real Tested CBD, low-quality delta-8 products can have traces of contaminants, heavy metals, or pesticides. You want to start with a clean delta-8 product to ensure any effects you experience are just from the cannabinoid.

As for dosage, new users must be cautious with how much delta-8 they ingest. Everyone’s body digests delta-8 differently, so there’s no way to tell how much of this cannabinoid will be “too much” for you. However, most delta-8 experts recommend starting with no more than 5 mg of delta-8 THC.

If your body has zero experience with delta-8 THC, you will probably feel this cannabinoid at 5 mg. Plus, even if you’re one of the rare people who don’t feel delta-8’s effects at a low dose, you could safely increase it to 7.5 mg the next day. However, there’s no way to take delta-8 out of your system if you’re experiencing paranoia.

Lastly, please remember that delta-8 gummies have a very different absorption rate versus delta-8 vape pods or smokable hemp flowers. Since delta-8 goes through your liver and digestive tract, it won’t hit your endocannabinoid system instantly. For this reason, the delta-8 in gummies always tends to produce a longer-lasting high versus smokable products. Please keep these factors in mind when scheduling your first delta-8 session.

Don’t Order “Delta-8 Near Me” Without Doing Your Research!

It seems like everyone is excited to give delta-8 THC a try, but please remember that this cannabinoid isn’t as tame as CBD. When mishandled, delta-8 can deliver way more than you bargained for. In extreme cases, customers could experience adverse reactions like paranoia or an ultra-long-lasting high.

Before searching “delta-8 near me,” please look at all the data on Real Tested CBD’s website. We now have a Delta-8 Resource Center with science-backed info on this popular hemp cannabinoid. Our team also releases dozens of unbiased reviews on delta-8 THC products so you can decide which item would be the best fit if you wanted to try delta-8.

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