FEATURE: The Rise of Former Child Actor Devan Leos

Devan Leos attending the Santa Monica Party on the Pier 

Disney Channel actor and entrepreneur Devan Leos has done some interesting things. Devan Leos was the star of Disney Channel’s Mighty Med and appeared in films like Madea’s Witness Protection alongside Tyler Perry. Leos also had roles in shows like Icarly, Jessie, Austin, and Alley, and he even appeared in the Final Fantasy video game series. However, since 2016, the actor has been mainly behind the scenes.

Disney Channel actor and entrepreneur Devan Leos

What has Devan Leos been up to?

While the actor has remained inactive in the film industry, he has been very focused on the public relations industry, earning notoriety for being one of the first multi-sector public relations professionals to adopt Web3 and talk about how to apply PR in a Web3 world. According to the actor, he is not primarily working with businesses and brands to help them tell their stories and build their influence. While he has mostly been quiet about his success, Devan recently sat down for an interview with Forbes in which he talks about his transition from film to business. When I asked him about what he is currently working on, he said:

“I am trying to better myself every day and do the best job I can, which means providing value to businesses and individuals looking for strong PR campaigns.”

Devan Leos is currently the Director of publicity with a company called FCAO, where he serves alongside multi-platinum producer Stephen Rezza and music industry legend Robert Cutarella. Devan is also presently serving as a public relations advisor to Web3 tech company Vimpto Worlds and Royal Goats Club. He currently holds a VP position with Sowa Marketing Agency. So while the actor may no longer be in front of the camera, he is undoubtedly still very active.

When asked about why he decided to step away from the film, he said:

“I just felt that I wanted to do something that mattered and was a vital part of business….”

“Talent is expendable, but public relations are necessary, so I decided to shift my focus to PR and communications, and I am happy!”

Why Web3 Matters

While Devan is primarily known as an actor and Entrepreneur, he has also become a thought leader and proponent of NFTs and blockchain technology. Leos has written about how he believes it could change finance forever through his column on Entrepreneur.com and regularly hosts Twitter spaces where he talks about NFTs and the future of Web3. When asked about why he has such a passion for Blockchain tech, the Disney actor said:

“I just love what NFTs have done for the everyday artist and how blockchain technology is revolutionizing how we think about digital assets and ownership.” 

Devan Leos not only swears that NFTs have changed the digital forever but that blockchain technology in its entirety will continue to revolutionize the way we do everything online. Leos also stated he believes it is essential for consumers and businesses alike to understand the changes taking place with Web3.


In 2019, like many other former child actors, Leos had his run-in with the law and was sentenced to probation. While it was a dark point in the actor’s life, the person he is today is far from who he was back then.

“I was distraught, and I suffered from past trauma, and I regret any negativity I brought into this world.”

Devan hasn’t gotten into any trouble since and is currently working on a nonprofit that he has founded. The non Profit CMNT inc will focus on building safer and smarter communities using security technology and open-source intelligence. While the organization is in its infancy, Leos says he will announce an official date soon.

Going against the grain

It’s typical to see former child actors spiral out of control; we have seen it repeatedly, and the chance of ever making a recovery seems almost impossible….

However, for Devan Leos, it has been a completely different story. While there was a point in his life where things were rough and uncertain, he turned it around and is now finding much success as an entrepreneur and public relations professional. While Devan has not returned to the silver screen yet, he is an inspirational beacon for those who once were successful and then hit rock bottom… Devan Leos hit rock bottom and decided that instead of staying there, he would climb his way back to the top, no matter how hard it was going to be. Since his dark times, the actor has made an impressive recovery and promises that anyone can:

“I believe everyone can change for the better, and I believe in rehabilitation.”

If you are currently struggling or feel like things aren’t working out, just know it does get better… Devan Leos had it all: Fame, fortune, and a blossoming career as a young actor; and while at first he seemingly lost it all, he has since made an incredible recovery and is here to tell those in a similar position: “Things will get better, it’s never too late to change”

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