Fashion Designer Jade Marlin Talks About Creativity in Design


Fashion is all about creativity, and designers have different creative processes depending on the message they want to convey or the market segment. For some, it can mean going on a vintage shopping expedition or brainstorming with the team, and for others, like Jade Marlin, it is building mood boards of images that capture the feelings of the designer and the public. Jade Marlin’s brand is built on moving past your life struggles, making the most of what you have, and reimagining and rebuilding yourself. He takes us behind his creative process.

Jade is an LA-based fashion and creative designer and the owner of Jade Marlin Collections. He is using fashion to spread hope and positivity as he encourages people to fight for their goals.

Jade has several lines in his collection, including the Jade Marlin Collection, Lady Jade, Classic Jade, and Jade Marlin Home Collection. The Jade Marlin Collection is a feel-good collection that features full men’s and women’s lines mainly for everyday business wear. They also have urban pieces like beanies, hoodies, sneakers, polos, and jeans. The Classic Jade Line is a high-end limited edition collection consisting of luggage, leather coats, three-piece suits, ties, and belts.

Jade’s unique approach to fashion helped him cement his spot in the Los Angeles fashion industry, with his collections attracting massive attention. His collections have been featured in several publications. Jade has also been to New York Fashion Week and LA fashion week and has been nominated for different awards, including the Los Angeles Business Journal Fashion Award.

According to Jade, one of his goals is to create fashion with a purpose. He has been creating sophisticated designs that not only look and feel good but also encourage buyers to step out of their comfort zone and start working on their dreams. Through his collection, he is showing the world that it is possible to get to the top.

When Jade established Jade Marlin Collection in 2007, he didn’t think he had it in him. He let what others said about him dictate what he could or couldn’t do, and for the first few months, Jade was afraid of doing things outside his comfort. He overcame this by believing in himself more and investing in his craft.

Jade studied the market and realized there weren’t many collections that spoke to consumers. He wanted a line that speaks to everyone regardless of profession, age, or style. The Jade Marlin Collection laid its roots in sports and classic urban menswear blended with British street style.

They also have high-end designer handbags, evening gowns, and bedding. The Lady Jade Line is their evening gowns and handbags collection, while Jade Marlin Home is a home collection line. Jade Marlin Home features bedding, bedroom sets, towels, bathroom accessories, end tables, and lamps.

As Jade continues to grow, he says he is looking to add more lines that will challenge the boundaries of fashion and style. He is looking to open stores in different states and take the Jade Marlin Collection and Jade Marlin Home Collection worldwide.

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