Technology has enveloped the business world, disrupting the standard way that things used to work. The millennial generation has a huge appetite for fashion and technology, making the two industries among the fastest growing today. Online shopping has become the new norm forcing every business to adapt their plans to keep up with these market changes.

The fashion industry has quickly embraced many of these changes. Fashion moguls have been quick to adapt to the ecommerce revolution and the rise of social media with influencers and other marketing strategies to speak directly to consumers in a way that was never possible before.

As a third-generation fashion industry entrepreneur living in the social media era, Liv Schreiber has emerged as one of the leaders in mastering both social media marketing and fashion. Liv is a fashion blogger, stylist, and entrepreneur in New York City. She also runs an education program for Zoom Fashion Week that provides free fashion education to hundreds of students worldwide. She was also the first person in the country to create a style influencer program to style both her followers and celebrities alike.

Together with her twin brother, Liv recently founded Brand Caffeine, a fashion tech company that creates content to build other fashion brands. She leads the company’s daily operations to boost brands by helping them establish a powerful digital presence. Brand Caffeine offers digital marketing services, such as social media account creation and management, paid advertising, content creation, email marketing services, and other social media marketing services. They have packaged the company’s brand to offer a full-service approach that combines data-driven insights with creatives that deliver.

Liv is a fashion blogger and has a loyal social media audience of over 50,000 followers across different platforms to include TikTok and Instagram. Liv stands out from the rest of the fashion influencers by placing style as a great way to express yourself in addition to bigger influences in one’s life such as energy, kindness and positivity. Her followers love her candid approach to fashion and life. Her content goes beyond styling and fashion tips and covers life advice for young millennials facing quarter life confusion.

Liv got her big break in the fashion industry at just 21 years old with a bold move to turn down the traditional path for the opportunity to work with some of titans of the fashion industry. Her first big break was with Jesse Itzler, she would later also become the stylist for his wife Sara Blakely. Of course, Blakely is well-known as a leader of the fashion industry as the CEO of the billion dollar company SPANX.

Now at the age of 24, Liv has styled numerous celebrities and worked with various companies, such as Moroccanoil, Amanda Uprichard, Casely, Revolve, Teen Vogue, Sorels, Birdies, Steve Madden, Google, and others. In addition to the opportunity to style these elite clients, she has also sought mentoring from them to understand how create a path to get from A-Z in the digifashion space.

As a part of this path she started Brand Caffeine with your twin brother. With deep family roots in entrepreneurship, she always remembers the lesson from her father that it’s hard to find new customers and only takes one bad experience to lose a current customer. As a result, Liv is a big believer in providing an amazing customer experience at Brand Caffeine.

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