Fashion, Beauty, Fitness: How Eva Fleurose Mother Of Two Became An Internet Sensation In 2021 

People love all things fashion. When it comes to having the “it” look, influencer Eva Fleurose is no stranger to questions from others. Questions about what to wear on the first day and how to compliment looks with makeup are just a few of those Eva received both online and in person. That’s just part of the reason she launched her influencer platform on Instagram. In a recent interview, we asked her what it took and why she decided to connect with millions around the world for fashion and fitness advice. What we learned is that there’s a lot of hard work that goes into being Eva, a thriving mother of two, and building a successful business. She has inspiration for other women and mothers out there to share.

The Right Push Makes the Difference

Eva started her fashion and fitness Instagram in the summer of 2021. At that time, she was on vacation and just wanted to share her fun looks, fabulous purchases, and lifestyle with the world for fun. Her sister pushed her to do so, telling her that she has “something special about her” that draws people in. People just believe and follow her guidance. With that, she could become an inspiration for women around the world.

Eva was inspired to start her Instagram page because so many of her friends and people in her community looked up to her for fashion and beauty advice. Specifically, women online sought her out for inspiration and guidance. She saw just how much good she could do for other women.

A Trip to Majorca Put Her on Top of Her Game

Eva’s career began to grow after a trip to Majorca. It didn’t take long for her Instagram account to grow. Though she kept it lighthearted and “purely for fun and to stay in touch,” her followers continued to ask for advice on what to wear and how to choose this year’s winter boots. She says, “Instead of replaying back to each one of my friends individually, I can just use Instagram to communicate with a lot of people at one time and give advice to any of my followers.” She loves that women can share on the platform and motivate each other.

After returning from her trip to Majorca to Paris, she saw her followers grow. Much of this came from her use of Instagram reels, which allows a person to create numerous photos shot in a sequence and often with fun outfit changes or design updates from one photo to the next. She had a lot of fun using it. That’s where she most commonly posts her fashion hauls, too. It’s those fashion hauls that really get people talking – and sharing.

How to Grow Instagram Fast: Eva’s Recipe for Success

From her healthy recipes to her fabulous buys, Eva is all about sharing what she is doing in real life with the world around her. How did she gain a large following in a short amount of time? It’s not just her looks or insights. It’s how she worked her account. Here’s what went into her success and growth.

Instagram Reels

One of the most popular tools on Instagram right now, reels get attention, and they are a lot of fun to do. Unlike static pictures, they allow people to be creative and showcase whatever content they have in a fun set of photos, one after the other. Eva says that it can be intimidating to use reels at first, but once you give it a try, it’s pretty easy.

Engage – Constantly

One of the most important tools Eva uses to help her gain success is to engage. That is, she puts as much time into engaging with her followers, including responding to messages, as she does in creating photos, and sometimes more. Commenting and responding to and liking her followers allows her to support other women, something she is passionate about. She seeks out like-minded people and their posts so she can work directly with them. The bottom line is simple: it’s not just about you, but about building a community. Connections like this have helped her to become well respected with her followers and other Instagram users as well.

When She Posts

Another factor that may be contributing to her success is when she posts. She did research to determine when was the best time to post to her followers, based on when they were most likely to be available to engage with her. She found that 6 pm was the ideal time – and she tries to be very consistent with this. Though it doesn’t always happen, because she’s realistic as a mother that her kids need to be a priority. Still, she tries to focus on that time.

Posting Daily

Eva also makes it a rule to post each day. That’s often in the evening, but there are times when she will post more often. Again, this helps to build consistency with her followers. She stays top of mind with them and can continue to invite them into her life as a result. Posting one time a day has helped her to build up her brand and image quickly – she just started working on it over the last few months.

Influencer Advertising

In addition to all of her work on her own lifestyle and fitness goals, Eva also has reached out to influencer advertising. She’s working directly with companies (and only those that she believes in) in multiple ways. She’s reached out to a few and they’ve reached out to her as well. That’s helped her to gain traction in the industry. She says that Instagram is all about supporting each other. She reaches out to others in the industry that have similar photos and likes as she does. Then, after talking, they form mutual opportunities to connect and communicate to support each other’s brand.

She Has Fun

Instagram is a powerful marketing tool and a serious business component. Yet, it’s also a place to really have fun. She says that, even after a bad day or when her photoshoot doesn’t go well, she gets messages from people that keep her going. People have told her she’s been so helpful in their fitness journey or a positive inspiration for their style decisions. It’s all helped her to continue and remain passionate about her lifestyle.

It’s About Living a Good Life

Aside from Instagram, Eva has some strong points of view on a few other things. She’s passionate about fitness and was for a long time prior to having kids. After her second child, she made the decision to work hard to create the body she’s desired. She says you have to exercise daily even if it is only 5 to 10 minutes for a quick session.

She also believes that women need to take time for themselves and to better themselves on a consistent basis. She says, “Of course there is time for the kids most of the day but it’s also important to maintain space for yourself

Her Vision for the Future

Eva inspires to create an all-around positive environment and empower her female followers with fashion and fitness. She is also going to make a move towards new types of media to reach more people with her positive message and inspiration. She plans to start vlogging on YouTube. That will give her followers the ability to see more of her lifestyle and personality.

That is an important tool, too, since she wants to be more authentic. While posting Instagram reels is still an important part of the work she’s doing, she wants to welcome people into her life a bit more. Being authentic is one of the most important parts of building her brand. Creating good content that other people find valuable is a big part of what her goals are with every reel she posts or in the vlogging, she’ll do.

Ready to Learn More?

You can stay connected with Eva easily. For more fashion and fitness inspo, keep up with Eva on Instagram! There’s no doubt her beauty, health, fashion, and fitness posts are sure to make their way into your feed.

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