Fans Eager To Hear Amalia Kadis’ New Music – But They Might Have To Wait A Little Longer

Earlier this year the Japan based EDM starlet had announced a new untitled project to be expected towards the end of the year. But it seems that fans have to prove their patience with Amalia Kadis.

Kadis, who introduced herself to the international dance music scene at the beginning of last year, was expected to deliver the soundtrack to this year’s summer nights. Her melodic, dreamy and romantic dance anthems had struck the right chords with a respectable audience for a newcomer in a genre that is dominated by, mostly male, industry greats.

Amalia Kadis had confirmed that she was in the middle of recording sessions and even shared insights into the production of a new music video, before it went quiet.

Her instagram account disappeared, and with the common move in the build up to an album promotion, we were ready to receive the new body of work anytime. But it remained rather silent around Kadis, and she hasn’t returned to social media either yet.

Now upon request her management confirmed that indeed, her fans will have to show a little more patience before they can indulge in new music by the Asian artist. The circumstances for the delay were described to be ‘challenges of personal nature’ and representative asked for understanding for the artist’s public absence in these times, ensuring that she will definitely return to the scene.

We will stay away from speculation, but hope that everything is turning out alright for the talented producer and singer. With a reminder that the past 16 months have created upstacles and setbacks in front of many of us, but particularly the people in the performing arts industries, it is important that we support our favourite acts where we can.

And with that being said we are sure that Amalia Kadis’ fanbase will show all the understanding and patience for the postponed release that she will need. And who knows, maybe Kadis’ summer night soundtracks will heat up this year’s winter.



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