Custom jewelry is associated with luxury. The majority of the custom jewelry lovers fancy high-end lifestyles which is evident from their posts on the various social media platforms. It is usually about taking fashion to the next level as they seek to be unique. For years cars have been a part of the luxury world and most custom jewelry lovers have had a love for beautiful and fast cars.

Leon Glore or Leo as he is popularly known, enjoys a wonderful lifestyle and loves luxury. He is a famous jeweler from New York who is known for his unique and quality pieces of jewelry that enable his top-tier clients to show their beautiful lifestyles. His unique works in custom jewelry distinguish him from other jewelers. Glore Jewelry in New York is his main store where he caters to the customized needs of his clients.

Leo recently gained more attention and hype after his appearance on the “Below Deck Mediterranean” show. He was featured as a guest cast through an invitation by his friend. The show is aired on Bravo TV and it is well known for having new concepts for every season. He is about to become a regular cast member on the show as he won the audience’s hearts with his performance.

Leo has always been fascinated with jewelry from a young age and spent his early teenage years learning more about the industry. He opened his first jewelry business at the age of 19 and hasn’t looked back since. He has been learning and growing as a businessman. Leo has perfected his skills as a jeweler for the last 11 years to precisely understand the market needs. He has gradually transformed to become a highly sought-after jeweler. There is no doubt that he claims a spot at the top of the list of the best custom jewelers in New York.

Leo is not new to the world of luxury and has spent most of his adulthood living the life of a prince. He loves cars and is a big fan of luxury cars. He regularly collects them and currently has a Lamborghini Urus, Roll Royce Ghost, and a Ferrari 488. He is looking to get an Aventador SV to add to his collection of beautiful cars. Besides cars, Leo loves fashion and loves to wear clothes that signal trend and luxury. He loves wearing custom-made suits that fit well and makes him feel good.

Leo’s love for the custom items isn’t limited to clothes and watches. He also loves to get custom designs for his cars. He makes every effort to get customized designs for his new cars.

Leo believes that custom designs are not restricted to any group of people but rather an option for almost anyone looking to stand out with their own unique style. He advises people to add more custom products to their life to better suit their lifestyle as more custom products will amplify the quality of their life while allowing them to stand out from the crowd and showcase their style to the world. You can follow Leo on Instagram to check out his beautiful pictures of all his luxury and custom-made products.

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