Famous International Car Collector And Entrepreneur Lecha Khouri: On His Unparalleled Career And Passion

You have to be living under a rock if you love cars but haven’t heard of Lecha Khouri. He is an Australian car collector and enthusiast and also the host of the famous car show known as Supercar Advocates. Additionally, Lecha Khouri is an accomplished entrepreneur who operates the company Fenlan Group which has a strong market presence in the United States of America, particularly Los Angeles.

In a brief conversation with Lecha Khouri, we ask him about his career and passion for collecting cars.

How would you describe your career as an entrepreneur?

Two words, challenging and fulfilling. Heading and operating Fenlan Group has been a great journey throughout. I was always inclined towards entrepreneurship and I feel doing what I do for the company makes me remain in touch with the spirit of taking up challenges and bringing results to the table. We are engaged in the fields of retail and real estate development. By 2023, I and my team will have finished the construction of numerous commercial and high-end luxury residences.

You have created quite a big name for yourself in the car community. How did it all start?

To put it shortly, it began when I was very young and my heart went to a pre-owned Ferrari. I did multiple jobs, saved a lot of money and ended up getting that exact Ferrari. This experience laid a foundation for my passion towards car collection.

You have a bunch of supercars and hypercars in your collection. Do you have a favourite? What was the latest addition?

I love all my cars and have a special emotion attached to each one of them. It is difficult to pick a favourite but I’m more inclined towards the brand Ferrari. Recently, I purchased the LaFerrari and added it to my collection.

Instagram:- @supercar_advocates_official

Official website:- http://www.supercaradvocates.com

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