FacesbyRob Cosmetics, one of the leading makeup brands in Los Angeles, rose to fame with Rob Sargsyan’s signature Rob-Glow look. It complements one’s natural beauty while giving off a fresh and flawless finish. Models and celebrities all over Hollywood can be seen with the look, and now you can recreate it at home. Because of his signature look’s runaway popularity, Rob decided to develop the Rob-Glow Book makeup palette. With it, more people can achieve the Rob-Glow look.

Rob’s exceptional talent as a makeup artist was discovered when he was seven. At that age, he traded his paintbrushes for makeup brushes and pursued his passion. His family enthusiastically supported him with his newly-recognized skill by converting their guest bedroom into Rob’s private makeup studio.

With his unique approach to cosmetics application and precise techniques, it’s no wonder why the Los Angeles-based makeup artist is gaining a lot of attention on Instagram. In addition to his social media presence, renowned companies like Dose of Colors, Guess, and Sephora seek him out for their campaigns. He even has celebrity regulars, such as Kim Kardashian, Rachel Roy, and Ashley Graham, among many others.

However, his fame in the cosmetics industry isn’t only about how he applies makeup. He’s launched his own makeup line, with a new palette that makeup enthusiasts will love. It’s called the Rob-Glow Book, named after the makeup look that Rob is famous for. The product launch was successful both nationwide and internationally.

The Rob-Glow Book includes a total of five multi-use products needed to recreate the stunning Rob-Glow. Each is made with high-quality vegan ingredients and is free of gluten, mineral oil, parabens, phthalates, and talc. They boast rich pigments that can blend and sit well with varying skin tones. The makeup palette comes in a sleek and luxurious case with a large mirror to make the application easier for you.

The warm, golden color that gives a sun-kissed look can be recreated using the Sunset bronzer in the palette. It leaves a silky, satin finish, and can also be used as a semi-matte eye shadow for those who like earth tones.

FacesbyRob’s Rob-Glow  Book comes with a Drip highlighter as well. This highlight brings a luminous and subtle glow to the skin. It can even be used as a glossy eye shadow. It comes in different shades so that regardless of your skin tone, there’s a variation that will suit you best.

The makeup palette also includes the Shy blush for a pop of color that stands out on the skin. As it’s named, it can help you achieve that flirty flush, and it looks natural when sitting on your cheeks.

For the lips, the Rob-Glow Book has the Play lip liner and Nude Nude lip gloss. The lip liner is used to achieve the highly sought-after voluminous lips, and can also be used as an eyeliner. Meanwhile, the lip gloss is what completes the Rob-Glow look. It allows you to achieve that glossy shine to your lips, no matter what your skin tone is.

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