Explaining Delta-8 THC — Why Is Delta-8 So Popular In 2022?

CBD is unquestionably the most commercially successful hemp cannabinoid. And, if market analysts are correct, this non-psychoactive compound is just getting started raking in billions of dollars worth of sales.

However, a few alternative hemp cannabinoids have begun stealing some of CBD’s market share. Most recently, delta-8 THC has emerged as the leading contender to CBD’s dominance. Indeed, finding CBD hemp shops that don’t offer delta-8 products is getting increasingly difficult.

It’s debatable whether delta-8 will ever overtake CBD, but it’s clear the demand for this rarer cannabinoid is off the charts. So, why are customers so fascinated with delta-8 THC items?

Why Are People Going Crazy For Delta-8 THC?

Honestly, many people get into delta-8 to enjoy a slightly psychoactive “head-buzz” sensation. Unlike CBD, delta-8 THC will get users “stoned.” Just how “high” you feel will depend on your weight, metabolism, and THC tolerance, but many experienced tokers suggest delta-8 is less intense versus delta-9.

Indeed, this slightly lower psychoactivity is one of delta-8’s primary selling points. People who can’t handle the intensity of marijuana strains may find delta-8 offers the benefits of THC without as significant a risk for side effects.

Delta-8 THC is a naturally-occurring plant cannabinoid with a slightly different molecular structure than delta-9 THC. Specifically, the double-bond on delta-8 is on the eighth carbon chain, whereas this feature is on delta-9’s ninth chain. Apparently, this subtle difference helps delta-8 have a unique set of effects on users.

According to most recent surveys, people often take delta-8 THC to help with stress and anxiety symptoms. Many reports also suggest that delta-8 THC has a slightly sedative quality, which may be helpful for people who struggle with insomnia.

Just keep in mind there aren’t many double-blind & placebo-controlled clinical trials examining delta-8. Also, there’s a greater chance delta-8 will provoke more intense adverse reactions versus non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBG and CBD. People who are new to delta-8 THC must prepare accordingly.

Wait, So It’s Legal To Take Delta-8 THC In The USA?

Hemp customers aren’t just interested in delta-8 THC’s psychoactive effects. After all, if people wanted a psychoactive experience, they could visit a weed dispensary in a state with recreational cannabis laws. However, since most of the USA still lists delta-9 THC as a “Schedule I” drug, many Americans have an easier time legally purchasing delta-8 versus delta-9.

The laws governing the sale and use of delta-8 are vague, which gives hemp manufacturers greater leeway in creating delta-8-rich extracts. The 2018 US Farm Bill only says hemp-derived items with above 0.3 percent delta-9 THC are against the law. So, there’s no federal ban on delta-8 so long as it comes from the hemp plant and meets these delta-9 requirements.

Does that mean every US state is gung-ho for delta-8 THC? In a word: no.

Please remember the 2018 US Farm Bill allows local legislatures to craft specific laws regarding hemp cultivation, manufacture, and sale. Most states don’t have an issue with CBD, but a few are sounding the alarm on delta-8 THC. Zones with restrictive cannabis laws like the Deep South and Midwest have already issued raids on legit CBD shops selling delta-8 products. There are also a few territories that are working on delta-8 bans.

Despite delta-8’s immense popularity, customers shouldn’t assume it’s legal where they live. Always double-check the latest local laws on delta-8 THC to ensure you’re in the clear.

Who Should Give Delta-8 THC A Trial Run?

Delta-8 isn’t the best choice for every hemp consumer. If you’re already experiencing phenomenal results with CBD products, it may not be necessary to upgrade to delta-8. Also, people who know they have an adverse reaction to THC might want to steer clear of delta-8 — at least until we have more clinical data on safely using it.

Only healthy adults over 21 should give delta-8 a test run. While people with pre-existing conditions might be able to take delta-8, it’s strongly recommended they speak with a doctor before testing it. Please remember that delta-8 THC can interact with prescription medications, so patients must have the “all clear” from a medical authority before trying a delta-8 item.

The people who most appreciate delta-8 THC want a more intense psychoactive experience versus CBD oil. You have to prepare your mind and body for a slight “trip,” which may include feelings of euphoria, deep relaxation, and sedation.

Delta-8 THC isn’t a great pick if you’re feeling a lack of motivation, but it could be an excellent nighttime treat to help de-stress. Just keep your delta-8 doses low on the first couple of tries. Many people are surprised how little delta-8 it takes to feel profound effects.

Let Third-Party Lab Tests Be Your Guide!

Delta-8 THC is an exciting hemp cannabinoid with a lot of therapeutic promise. However, since the delta-8 market is so new, there’s zero federal oversight in this industry. Sadly, there are a lot of companies putting out garbage delta-8 products to make a quick buck. Customers who don’t take the time to screen their delta-8 brand properly may experience harsh side effects.

To reduce the risk of a negative delta-8 experience, it’s imperative for customers to only buy delta-8 products with a certified third-party lab test result. Sometimes called “Certificates of Analysis,” these tests prove the delta-8 you’re ordering has ≤ 0.3 percent delta-9 and zero traces of pesticides, toxins, or heavy metals.

If you start with a low dose of a high-quality, lab-tested delta-8 product, you will have the best possible experience with this hot hemp cannabinoid.

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