Experimental Music Producer and Artist, Good Spells, Solidifies His Sound


Experimental music has pushed the boundaries of people’s perception of music in the past decade, bringing a new progressive vibe to the industry. As more artists toe this path, the genre has become more refined and mainstream, with talents such as Good Spells making their mark.

Whilst Good Spells, or Spells for the sake of ease, has just started this solo project, it seems he is already building a loyal fan base, with songs that have received massive attention, with radio and press alike.

I would say that the genre spanning project of Good Spells is best described as alternative dark pop with ambient leanings. A truly ‘gothic sound’ that falls between a honeyed melody and an all-out rave. According to the UK-based producer, his goal is to create music that takes the listener away, but leaves an impact, something evident in his newest release.

New song, “Who We Are” is a dark, twisted, but beautiful trip into a mind haunted by inner demons and the struggle to escape them, or perhaps the struggle to accept them? Who We Are is sparse, sonically, and this adds to its lush melancholic nature. Adopting a middle-eastern sample which runs throughout the music, but underpinning it with synths and huge drums that punch a wake, makes for a sonic treat.

Spells says that his experience and diverse approach to experimental music is built upon previous projects. No newbie to the field, Spells has owned recording studios in London and Manchester, England and has collaborated with various artists under other guises in the past. In addition, he has ghost-produced and worked on sessions for others.

He says his experience inspired him to start his solo journey and move on to opening a more permanent home-based studio. The studio, he dubs “Spells’ Lab”, is where he likes to experiment with synths, samples, and sound design. A converted Airstream trailer, the neon walls house a dazzling array of instruments, from Novation, Moog, DSI, Korgs and more. As well, a range of guitar pedals make for sonic oddities: “I like to run my synths through pedals for added madness, like my Big Sky’ which is basically a reverb unit that sounds like heaven opening up, or my Collision Devices Blackhole, which does what the name suggests! You can get lost in the sound, in the music…”

As he continues to thrive, Good Spells is looking to make more experimental music that plays with people’s perceptions of what music can be.

Check out the new release, Who We Are, and follow Good Spells: new music coming!



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