Here in California it’s hard to determine what’s open, what’s safe, and what’s going to last. If you’re tired of worrying and waiting about getting back into the gym, it’s time to bring the gym to you with Hydrow

Here’s the catch though, it’s not a gym at all. And it’s not just a machine. It’s a full-on experience, bringing you some much-needed community and wellness during a time when both are hard to find. 

The Hydrow itself is one of the quietest at-home fitness machines on the market. As a rowing machine, all classes take place on the water, so you never know what you’ll end up seeing! 


Flying birds, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, jumping stingrays, massive boats passing by; the excitement of watching your instructors navigate real, live, on the water scenarios is unlike anything else. Hydrow brings the outside in. It’s truly a full-body workout (engaging 86% of your muscles, nearly double compared to cycling and running) and immersive experience that takes you on waterways around the world, all from your home. 

With a growing library of 1,700+ live and on-demand workouts, you’ll be able to experience the sights and sounds of beautiful, faraway lands. Choose from a growing list of destinations – from London to Scotland, to Miami, Boston, and beyond. Complement your rowing workouts with on the mat classes ranging from pilates to strength training, yoga to mobility exercises.

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Miss connecting with others? Live classes feature leaderboards where you can see how you’re rowing along with others and involve instructors shouting out community members in celebration of various milestones. Engage with the support and positivity of the Hydrow community during a time when finding this connection in person is hard to come by.

New to fitness? Not a problem. Hydrow offers workouts for every level. This includes a beginner training camp, instructional videos for beginners, and workouts that have designated difficulty ratings so you can choose your workout accordingly. 

As a low impact form of exercise, rowing is easier on your joints and even builds bone density. Save time by getting a more effective workout in half the time compared to cycling and running; Hydrow helps you work your full body in as little as 20 minutes.

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You can get Hydrow for as little as $62 per month with a 0% APR. After the initial investment, the cost is only $38 per month – cheaper than most gym memberships. Hydrow is an accessible way to focus on your wellness. You need just one membership for the whole family; leading to fun and a great workout routine for everyone in the house. No more cooped up craziness! 

With Kevin Hart just announced as their Creative Director – he’ll be hosting a monthly class himself to engage with community members – you know you’re getting more than just a machine with Hydrow. You’re getting an engaging and supportive community, a chance to escape to beautiful parts of the world from the comfort of your home, and the best full-body workout.

Get yours today. 


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