Exodus Medical on Utilizing Holistic Medical Care to Give Lasting Relief for Patients With Neuropath

When people encounter medical concerns, most of the time, they only focus on finding a solution for the issue they are currently experiencing. And while this cookie-cutter approach might be effective for some, it might not always be the most efficient way. After all, health problems are often interconnected with one another. Cognizant of this, Exodus Medical has employed a holistic strategy to ensure that its clients receive the best treatment possible.

The remarkable venture intuitively combines holistic and traditional medical practices to provide lasting relief for patients suffering from chronic conditions, especially neuropathy. Its primary mission is to save people from the hassle and pain of chasing symptoms around, focusing instead on putting the “care” back in healthcare.

Its extensive list of treatments includes Balance Rehab Protocols, Acoustic Compression Therapy, Low-Level Light Therapy, Electrotherapy, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Exercise With Oxygen, Nutritional Counseling, Allergy/Sensitivity Testing, Regenerative Medicine Injections, and Natural Supplementation, among others.

At the helm of this impressive organization is Dr. Robert Abraham. Explaining what sets Exodus Medical apart from the rest, the insightful founder shared, “Our approach is a holistic one, whereby we treat the entire person, not just their area of complaint or symptom. By educating our practice members on the value of natural healthcare, we can provide tools and inspiration to help them refer their friends and family. Through this comprehensive and integrated approach, we are better able to help our patients achieve optimum levels of health and wellness while being living examples of such.”

Unlike other typical medical sessions where doctors end up prescribing medication that only mutes the pain of neuropathy, the enterprise and its dynamic team of medical professionals employ a personalized approach to identifying the unique cause of every patient’s problem. In doing so, each case will be given the proper and best solution.

As a testament to Exodus Medical’s unrivaled success, its treatments are proven to provide a 97% success rate in decreasing or eliminating neuropathy symptoms without the use of harmful prescription drugs. Through its stellar services, it has helped countless patients reclaim their lives and get back to normal.

Because of this, the clinic has established itself as the leading authority in treating neuropathy. But, most importantly, it has given patients hope that it is possible for them to lead a life of proper health and well-being.

In keeping with its advocacy to help the community, Exodus Medical will be expanding its reach across the country by opening a few new clinics in the upcoming months. This month, it has already started its ventures in Tampa Bay and opened the doors to its second branch in Orlando in Altamonte Springs. By the end of the year, more locations will be available in Tulsa, Charlotte, Jacksonville, and Oklahoma City.

As the inspiring medical wellness organization continues to rise to the top with its holistic approach to providing lasting and natural relief for its patients, it plans to reach and be of assistance to more individuals, especially those suffering from neuropathy.

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