Here's an exclusive video premiere for you: up-and-coming pop artist Christian TV's has been kind enough to share with our readers an exclusive peek behind the making of his new video for his cautionary tale “When She Turns 18.”

Christian TV says:

“There had already been a video for the song that was more of an artistic statement from me and how I saw it. I wanted to have a version that was more about the storyline and more mainstream acceptable so girls could watch it. When Ethan Lader (Director) had first come to me, he had a good background with the B.O.B. “Nothin On You” video and the Rob Roy “Fur In My Cap” video, so I was already excited to see what ideas he had! He came with the idea for this one and it blew my mind because it still kept the att as well as got the story across for the song and its lyrics.”


LA Weekly