Exclusive Peek Into the Mind of Instagram Model Turned Social Media Wizard, Charlotte Parkes

Social media’s significance in today’s world is unquestionable. Social platforms are heavily relied on for a broad range of reasons, including social interaction, access to news and information, and to aid in decision making. According to Datareportal, over 58.4% of people were active on social media platforms globally in 2021. On top of that, the same overview revealed that the average daily time spent using social media was around two and a half hours, which means that the average person will spend over 65,000 hours browsing social media throughout their lifetime.

It goes without saying that social media platforms were popular when they first arrived, but it seems that in recent years, everyone wants to be a part of the online community. Thousands of new creators emerge every day, but not all are thriving. As Charlotte Parkes, a highly successful social media creator explains, establishing a social media presence is easier said than done. For the ultimate competitive advantage, brands must effectively leverage social media content marketing. Influencer marketing is bringing in millions of dollars to small and mega businesses alike in new revenue directly from social media linked sales.

With seven years of experience in building her brand on various platforms, Charlotte Parkes has mastered the art of influencing. Her social media accounts are followed by millions of people, 1.3 million on TikTok, and 750,000 on Twitch and Instagram. She explains that her brand-building journey was enjoyable, as she had the opportunity to learn many new things and meet many interesting people. She also points out that building a brand with the help of social media marketing can be pretty overwhelming, especially for new faces. With that in mind, she shared a few tips that will surely help social media newcomers who want to rise to the top.

Take Small Steps

As Charlotte explains, small steps lead to victory and success. If someone takes a bigger bite than they can chew it usually doesn’t end well. “When you go to the seaside, you always dip your toes first to feel the water, right? You have to use the same method for social media,” she says. “You need to take small steps and feel the environment, the audience, their response. Otherwise, you will burn yourself out before you know what you’re doing.”

Be Consistent With Your Brand

Oxford Languages dictionary defines “consistent” as “acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.” As Charlotte Parkes points out, being consistent is the main key to a brand’s success. “When you start gaining traction, people will start to look up to you. And you need to have a clear message, visuals, colors, and the way you speak, and what you speak about. All of that needs to be uniform across all your platforms,” says Charlotte. “The consistency will show the public that you know what you are doing, which boosts your visibility and influence. If you are not consistent, people will get confused, and they will leave, never to return.”

Always Be Yourself

Fake news is a widespread and insidious issue worldwide, and social media is overrun by fake content. A 2021 Pew Research Center survey revealed that among all surveyed adults, a median of only 35% trust the information they see online. That said, Charlotte Parkes explains that there is a relatively easy way to show people that you are trustworthy — being genuine.

“When you start creating content, you usually want to impress someone, but that’s a mistake. People usually try to be someone they are not, and people quickly realize the fakeness. You simply need to be yourself,” says Charlotte Parkes. “If you are funny, be funny. If you are not, then don’t try to be funny, be serious instead. You can have perfect marketing strategies and throw countless money at ads, but if you are not who you are, then you won’t ever succeed at charming the masses.”

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