Exclusive Look Into How Brian Underwood Innovated To Success

A business is not just a venture, it is an idea that takes shape through consistent effort and innovation. Over the past decade, biohacking technology has seen a rise in sales as more and more people are prioritizing their health. However, most of these products lack innovation, replicating each other in composition and customer demography. This is where Brian Underwood stepped in to revolutionize the health and wellness space with the unrivaled brand Prüvit and Pure Therapeutic Ketones.

Prüvit was founded 6 years back with the intention of disrupting a market saturated by companies offering identical products. Coming from a college basketball background, Brian was interested in optimizing the human body and saw Prüvit as an ideal opportunity to tap into the market by introducing a ground-breaking product. It did not happen in a day. What followed was a profound mission to transform decades of research into a one-of-a-kind technology.

The concept of the Ketone Operating System was discovered at the University of South Florida. When Brian visited the university lab, he learned about “exogenous ketones,” a clean alternative fuel source for the human body. He instantly knew, if marketed correctly, this could revolutionize the health and nutrition industry. The biggest challenge then became to mold the research not only into a product that was good for you, but tasted good as well.

Brian and his team persisted, carrying out a battery of taste tests and formulations until they succeeded, launching their debut product, KETO//COS Prototype 1.0. The product was an instant hit, and orders began pouring in. So much so that within the first few months, Prüvit had more than 17,000 backorders. This overwhelming demand was the next big hurdle for the company to overcome. The entire team behind Prüvit, CEO included, spent days in the lab packaging shipments to catch up.

Since then, the company has been through an incredible journey of learning and experiences, each one contributing to their growth as one of the most prominent direct-sales brands in the industry

And they didn’t stop there. After introducing their first technology, the company continued to innovate their formula with KETO//OS MAX and then KETO//OS NAT. NAT is the first and only proprietary formula on the market that utilizes naturally fermented ketone technology. KETO//OS NAT is backed by 8 patents, proving the company’s mettle in blending science and nature to revolutionize nutrition.

Brian’s journey was not an easy one. He had to learn from failure to failure before ultimately finding success. The name of the brand, “Prüvit,” is a reflection of his journey, where every step is to prove his goals, his dreams, his “it,” are a reality.

Going forward, Brian intends to continue innovating and introducing products, programs, and technologies that will further revolutionize the world. His goal is to build Prüvit into a global leader for people wanting to create a better life physically, mentally, and financially.

LA Weekly