Exclusive Interview:Goth Alternative Rock Star Sooletsnim Talks About Her New Upcoming Horror Music Video off her hit song “ Possessed” directed by her and her musical partner in crime Kadeem Quick”

Alternative Rock singer/songwriter Sooletsnim has taken the Alternative Rock music world by a storm with nearly 2.4 million streams on the ITunes Charts. Impressively, her latest platinum #1 hit, “Serotonin” hit the Top 20 on the ITunes Charts, which Sooletsnim and both Producers, Colin Dobash and Kadeem Quick, all received platinum plaque awards. Sooletsnim has had steady chart success since her first major hit single “Captured” which was released in 2021. While Sooletsnim was proud of the hits and debut music video “Blood on the Walls” that brought her acclaim over the last two years, she craved more. She stated in a recent interview that her and Songwriter/Producer Kadeem Quick are directing a new music video off her latest single “Possessed”

LW: You’ve got a new single out now. Tell us about “Possessed ” and the inspiration behind it. How does feel stepping in the director’s chair for your upcoming music video “Possessed”

Sooletsnim: That’s a great question, I love directing and bringing these stories to reality for the world to embrace. My new music video Possessed will be nothing but extraordinary. “Possessed ” is one of my songs that really speaks to my soul! In life we often feel possessed or taken over by things we can’t control. I wanted to bring forth what it’s like to be so consumed in my lyrics. Some people think, “Ooh, it’s crazy” for me to say things like this, but all I know is how I feel and it’s the only way I know how to express the dark parts of my life. Though, as Morticia Addams says…I’m just like any modern woman trying to have it all. Loving husband, a family and close friends. It’s just, I wish I had more time to seek out the dark forces and join their hellish crusade.

LW: Um Very interesting well Sooletsnim one last question before you go You’re celebrating a huge milestone with this latest release of your song “Possessed ” What is it like working with your best friend Songwriter/Producer Kadeem Quick? What’s that relationship looking like? Also elaborate more about your lyrics in your latest single

Sooletsnim: I love working with Kadeem, he is a very talented and close friend. He is the one who got me started with music and he really understands me and where I’m coming from. Honestly I always tell anyone the people around you are crucial. It’s important to learn from everybody and be open to that collaboration. It’s imperative to build a team of people that you’re inspired by and can trust. You want to incorporate their ideas along with your own. Winning alone isn’t fun. Winning as a team is really, really great.

LW: Very well said, well it’s very amazing speaking with you Sooletsnim good luck with your new music video “Possessed” and your continuous success.

Sooletsnim: Thank You!

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