Exclusive Interview with Unlocked Supplements’ CEO Jonathan Smith 

Jonathan Smith is the CEO of Unlocked Supplements, a sports supplements company that is bringing a new edge to the industry. In our sit-down with Jonathan Smith, we gathered a lot of knowledge about the up-and-coming supplement company.

Thank you for your time. To start us off, tell us how you got here – the supplements industry, that is.

Although there is a variety of supplements available, I realized that there is a lack of quality products. So, I went from being a consumer to creating a brand that addresses many consumers’ needs. I have always had a passion for the industry, and I just had to fill that substantial gap.

How is Unlocked Supplements different from other brands?

The trend we have spotted with most companies is that they are not transparent, especially with the quality of their ingredients. At Unlocked Supplements, we are committed to using only the best ingredients and being transparent about them. Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their lives in and out of the gym. Sports supplements can be deceiving, but we want to be that reliable go-to for consumers. Not to mention customers are more focused on transparency now than ever before. It is a significant determining factor in purchasing decisions.

What is the next step for Unlocked Supplements?

We are still a relatively young company. We spent two years conducting research and perfecting our supplements to launch the best pre-workout supplements ever formulated. Now, our focus is on informing people about the product and educating consumers about supplements. Once people use our products, they will be able to tell what’s been missing all along. By providing a superior product, our company will grow, making us accessible to more customers.

What tips do you have for consumers on health and wellness?

One thing I have realized working in this industry is how little people actually know about the products marketed to them. We want to be the company that rouses people to think about the products they consume and their effects on their health and wellness.

You can learn more from Jonathan Smith and explore Unlocked Supplements products on their website https://unlockedsupps.com/

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