Everything You Need to Know About Pavia.io Metaverse On Cardano Blockchain Network

Cardano ecosystem is the latest blockchain-enabled platform to join the crypto metaverse bandwagon. Cardano has launched a virtual NFT-based game through which users can not only get access to an outstanding game with a thrilling storyline on the virtual world, but they can even act as a realtor selling virtual land parcels. 

The pavia.io metaverse helps players to spend their money cautiously in the digital world and get amply rewarded for the same. The entire Pavia.io metaverse has been created on the Cardano ecosystem-enabled metaverse. 

Pavia.io: The Meaning and Significance

Pavia.io refers to a decentralized gaming concept using $Pavia as its Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on the Cardano blockchain. But the most interesting aspect of Pavia NFT is how it also helps its players to participate in the game and get good rewards from the same. Few of the virtual in-game rewards can also fetch them real-life benefits. A lot will be revealed about Pavia.io NFT in the near future. 

But 2022 is set to be the game-changer for Pavia NFT’s and the Cardano blockchain. 

Pavia.io launched with a total of 100,000 land parcels up for grabs last October. Each of the land parcels comes with a distinct Cardano NFT (CNFT) code based on coordinates as per the map.

The demand for land parcels was huge. Pavia.io was able to sell over 60% of the land parcels in October–November 2021. The remaining quantity of land parcels is likely to be sold during Q1 2022. The pavia.io metaverse is mulling over its third sale program to implement the sale of its land parcels in a fair manner.

As of now, Pavia metaverse has over 8,700 landowners. A lot of new members are joining its well-knowledgeable team of tech experts and professionals each day.

Landowners cannot deploy any content onto their land parcel as yet. The community is working hard to expedite its in-gaming experience to help its members enjoy a lot of new benefits and rewards. 

Pavia.io and ReadyPlayerMe

Pavia and readyplayer.me have recently joined hands for cross-app avatars. Pavia.io members can easily create their own unique avatar using readyplayer.me within a few minutes by following the specific set of guidelines. 

All avatars are fully compatible with thousands of other apps and games. It means the avatar you use for Pavia NFT can also be re-used for as many as 1000 more apps and online games. 

How to Mint Money on Pavia.io Metaverse

The operational procedure of Pavia.io is almost similar to other metaverse projects. When you are participating in Pavia.io metaverse, you have to use its own currency $Pavia or NFTs. For all future transactions within the Pavia metaverse, you have to use $Pavia. Using the currency, you can even buy various digital assets and in-game virtual items. 

A lot of native tokens, $Pavia, was airdropped to Pavia NFT landholders last month. Each land plot is now sold for thousands of dollars on a virtual ecosystem powered by Cardano.  

Right now, some plots on Pavia.io NFT are valued at around $45,500 in actual terms. Considering the demand of Pavia Land and tokens and the hype around it for being Cardano’s flagship NFT project, Pavia.io is set to be the most profitable NFT investment for tech-savvy investors.

In Conclusion

When you own a land parcel on NFT metaverse, it means you’ll also get some share from any virtual activity happening on that land parcel. You can rent out a part of your virtual land and let your virtual tenant manage that land, meanwhile you can continue to get $Pavia NFT tokens as rent or share for business transactions. 

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