Everything You Need to Know About Model Layna Boo

At first glance, you may dismiss Layna Boo as just another pretty face that hit the genetic lottery. However, nothing could be further from the truth. While she may be beautiful and naturally graceful, Layna is more than her pretty pictures may lead you to believe. If anything, she is the epitome of beauty, grit, determination, and a gold heart, all rolled into one. Despite her young age, she has achieved what others only consider a dream, repeatedly proving that hard work does indeed pay.

Born in 1995, Layna is a multitalented Canadian model and influencer. Instagram played a large part in her ascension to fame, thrusting her into the spotlight and glamor at a tender age. The limelight came with its fair share of challenges, most of which Layna had to overcome on her own. Her determination and tenacity paid off, teaching her more about the modeling world than any school could. Layna used the lessons to take her career to an even higher level, becoming one of the most popular models in the world today.

Layna has since expanded to other platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, where she posts funny and informational videos on fashion, lifestyle, and fitness. Since the early days, these have been the pillars of her career, particularly fitness, which she credits for most of her success. In the beginning, she claims she remained sane because she embraced yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Besides grounding her professionally, the practices helped her develop her personal life.

At present, Layna boasts a loyal following of millions on her social media platforms. On Instagram alone, Layna has an audience of 6.6M followers that’s steadily growing. Her goal is to hit the 10M mark in the next few months, firmly establishing herself as an international model and influencer. Though that would be a blessing for her career, Layna believes it will also give her a bigger platform for her philanthropic endeavors, a mission that’s very close to her heart.

Over the years, Layna has extended her hand to different groups of people in need. She previously worked with the non-profit Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. Layna has also collaborated with 12 step programs such as Alcoholic Anonymous and Eating Disorders Anonymous. During the Covid-19 pandemic, she promoted and collected donations for people suffering during the lockdowns. Layna also took part in an Alzheimer’s walk to create awareness about the disease.

Women’s empowerment is another cause close to Layna’s heart. As a self-made woman, she understands how difficult life can be for women trying to make it in a patriarchal society where misogyny still thrives. Layna uses her platforms to empower women, reminding them to own their sensuality and love themselves despite what the world says. She reminds them to dream big and to love themselves enough to keep trying even when the odds appear insurmountable.

Layna’s goal is to impact lives, walking in the footsteps of the models she grew up admiring. Her greatest influences are April Ashley, Emme, Imaan Hammam, Christy Turlington, and Beverly Johnson. These women raised the bar for models, proving that women are more than their looks. Just as they paved the way for others in diverse ways, she hopes she will do that in her own way. And just as she did in the beginning, Layna will not rest until she finally achieves her goal.

LA Weekly