Everything You Need to Know About Felix Levine, a 22-Year-Old Podcaster

Podcasts are increasingly gaining popularity, with more people venturing into the space. These talk shows have become the talk of the town with their captivating, thrilling, and educative content. Unlike the conventional media, anyone can set up their podcast and identify a niche they want to associate with. This has opened the avenue for the young to venture into space. In return, podcast lovers have a vast pool of shows to tap into.

Felix Levine is one young podcaster making a mark in the industry with his unique content. Felix is the host of the “Where’s This Going” podcast, which hosts a variety of people ranging from world-champion athletes to acclaimed comedians and actors, former high-profile mobsters, and more. “Where This Going” is one of the largest podcasts, with over a million views and downloads combined. Since its establishment, the show has been increasingly growing, with listeners in over 65 countries worldwide.

Felix is also gaining a solid social media following, with over 45,000 Instagram followers. The long list of impressive guests he has hosted shares unmatched content that keeps his audience thrilled and anticipating the next show.

“I also think that for people who listen and the guests that appear on my show, they really enjoy the quality of the conversation. I’ve had many moments where very notorious guests have told me that they have never revealed as much on any other show than they’ve had on mine and that always humbles me and means a lot.” Adds Felix.

Felix was accomplishing all this while having been a full-time student at Boston University’s Questrom School of Business, which he just graduated from a few weeks ago. He recounts having to travel to New York to record his show every few days, or sometimes even flying cross country to Los Angeles to do shows with guests.

Having started the show at 19 years old, Felix has traveled across the United States and sometimes abroad to record shows and has no intentions of stopping. He is looking forward to sitting down with more fascinating personalities worldwide and find people with stories in all facets and different industries.

When asked how he wants people to walk away from listening to an episode, Felix says: “I want people to end an episode and be like, ‘wow, that guest was so cool’ or ’Felix asked exactly what I wanted to learn about that guest’. I want to be known as someone who’s made a name for himself by having the rawest and most organic conversations with some of the most intriguing and complex individuals in the world.”

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