Everything Cute And Kawaii With Timoi’s Store

Timoi, is a store for everything artistic, from handbags, Tshirts, Art Prints, Home décor to smaller items like stickers and jewelry in one place.

Timoi (Trapped in my own imagination) is the art title of an artist. Timoi is the creative director of this brand, and the ideas just keep coming fresh for every product. They are non-binary artists who create products for every person alike. This store celebrates people, sustainability, and the art that is cute and pretty.

Even though Timoi has been doing art for decades, they established the brand officially in January 2021. They are a new business offering unique art with utility. Their competitive advantage is that their founder is also the creative director and the array of new products will never stop. While their competition is doing what everyone else is doing, they have a solid conceptual foundation that offers community and a sense of belonging while offering top-quality products at a reasonable price. And what is the best part? They offer plus sizes, sometimes up to 7XL and they are also very eco-friendly. Providing products on demand and reducing their footprint in the process. They also offer a road map and want to one day create a book that will lead to an animated movie with their characters.

Their characters are creative superheroes and they believe that is very unique in the fashion industry. Timoi is the original creator of these big bright-eyed characters that you see emulated nowadays. You might even see resemblances in some movies but it was Timoi who first introduced them all over the streets of LA influencing many on the way.  Timoi’s creativity is very unique and sets them apart from anyone else in the industry.

For Timoi, the personal and political factors drive their art and the innovation behind it. Timoi is driven by the feminine spirit and tries to convey their feelings through the latest series about the difference between femininity, masculinity and gender. They work exclusively with people, artists and brands they believe in. Some of the characters Timoi paints are real people and some are imaginary.

They are constantly scouting for extraordinary talent to collaborate with. It has been this mentality and vision that has led Timoi to create a conceptual art experience and to meet amazing people from all walks of life. Timoi is an artist and a brand that inspires many through their art and the products in their shop.

This brand is meant for anyone who is young at heart and feels love for everything cute and shiny. It is for anime lovers, manga lovers, collectors, people with obsessions for animated characters, or anyone who is looking for something quirky. They have created this story and characters which were inspired by a literal dream in 2003. They hope to inspire and motivate everyone who loves their products. By doing this they have also created a sense of community and belonging. To shop their products, visit their website, here.

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