Jeff Lerner is everywhere. You probably have seen his ads, seen his stories, and came here looking for a review of him and the companies he builds. His life looks amazing, and when you look into him (thanks, Google!) every single one of the reviews you see online show that there is no one better to train and educate us on how to earn a living online.

Before the Review, Let’s Cover Jeff Lerner’s Story and How he Overcame the Hurdles in His Life by Using Opportunities to Get to the Top of the Business World

Jeff Lerner was at his lowest point. After a string of failed careers, he was in financial trouble and fleeing from creditors as he tried to find the right job. Jeff found affiliate marketing, and that was his lucky break.

“In November 2008, I found a course in online affiliate marketing. This was shortly after closing my restaurants. I was a total nerd and spent the next few months working on my laptop in my spare bedroom. Sometimes, I would leave my room to shoot marketing videos in my backyard. It worked. It was partly due to the confidence I gained from meeting so many successful people in my piano career, I found the perfect combination of vulnerability, desperation, and crazy drive to push someone out of their comfort zones and do all the difficult things necessary to dramatically change their lives. Six months later, in May 2009, I had earned $40,000 in commissions. It was $70,000 the next month. In a group of more than 40,000 students, I was the third-ranked affiliate marketer by the end of the year.”

Jeff says that he was the only person among the top 10 who didn’t have any experience or a large database at the time he started.

Jeff rose quickly to the top in affiliate marketing. Few people can match Jeff’s ability to succeed and his skills. This was his next big break. His boss wanted him to take a step back from his day job. Although this was not the best situation for him, it did open up another opportunity that he took advantage of. Jeff Lerner had a chance to shine.

“Around that point, the CEO of the company whose affiliate marketing training I had received decided he wanted to step back from running his daily business. He needed someone to help him with the daily operations. Someone who was familiar with the business and shared his passion for it. It made perfect sense to me. I was free of debt, divorced, and ready for a new adventure. I made the move to New York, and started a process of grooming for his business. It was a mistake for both of us to believe that I could be his number two. His impetuous leadership style was not a good fit for me. However, I don’t think any other leadership style would have been as effective at that time in my life. It was the year that I took over the role of head of operations at that company, which has allowed me to have much of the success I have had.”

Jeff’s rapid climb to success has not slowed down in any way. He had a family and went on to get an MBA. He also managed over 80 employees. And he started Entre Institute to help others achieve their life goals.

“My business is ENTRE Institute – The first complete ecosystem that allows people to create the life they want. The seeds of ENTRE were planted in 2017. I was able to fully focus my energy on the project by fall 2018. My first marketing video for ENTRE was shot in September 2018. It was titled “Let’s Get Extreme”. It was a call for the world to take ownership, to take control of their lives and to educate themselves about the tools available to them to make the life they desire. 1000 videos later, I am still preaching the same message. ENTRE has grown to over 50,000 students and a disruptive global company (already at $25MM/yr – my third 8 figure business). Jeff states.

Jeff suggests that anyone who is interested in starting a business should seek advice from people who have had success both personally and professionally. Jeff says that he is proof that anything is possible, and this is backed by the Vanguard News article about Lerner.

“I’m basically proof that anyone can accomplish anything if they are prepared to endure hell, work hard on themselves, and ignore the doubters.

Email Marketing Review – What it is According to Jeff Lerner

What is Email Marketing?

  • When we asked Jeff Lerner he said that email marketing is the act of transmitting a message to an intended group of individuals.
  • It involves the use of email to promote advertisements, solicit donations or enlist sales or new customers.
  • However, email marketing can also include other uses such as providing product or service updates, discussing reviews, informing subscribers of service changes, and offering referrals.

Another way to build interest in your emails is to incorporate them into your standard newsletter. Most businesses have a newsletter (covering services and reviews) and email marketing software that allows you to integrate your emails into your newsletter.

According to Jeff Lerner, the ultimate goal with email marketing is to gain new subscribers. You should always try to make the customer feel as if they are important because they are. Use the “double opt-in” process, which provides your prospects the opportunity to double-check their registration information so that they actually signed up for your list. Don’t use email spam to sell products because it has been banned by the E-mail Marketing Association. Email scams have destroyed the reputation of many legitimate online businesses.

This wraps up my Jeff Lerner review. I hope that it helped you to see that he is providing extremely valuable resources with his training and mentoring. Til next time!

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