Everest Business Funding Talks Effective Digital Marketing for Small Businesses on a Budget

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No matter the size of the business, digital marketing can contribute a lot toward an organization’s success. Even small businesses on a budget can effectively utilize proven digital marketing strategies. Helping a business operate on a budget is what Everest Business Funding does best as one of the leaders in the revenue-based financing industry. These small business experts talk about important steps a business on a tight budget should take to maximize the benefits of digital marketing.

Step #1: Use Free Social Media Platforms

 One of the best benefits social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and more offer to small businesses is that they provide an effective digital marketing avenue at no cost. Creating a business social media account is completely free, and growing a social media account organically can help avoid any additional advertisement fees. Strategic planning and home-run, well-thought-out campaigns can lead a small business down the yellow-brick road to organic brand development and budget-friendly brand awareness.

Step #2: Add a Website Blog

Driving traffic to an organization’s website helps boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) results, widen brand recognition, and gain new customers. An excellent way to attract viewers to a business online space is by giving target audience members a reason to revisit again and again to find valuable information or by adding a blog. Adding a blog page to a business website is free, and hiring contract content writers is easy on the wallet with resources like the global freelance service marketplace Fiverr.

Step #3: Get Recognized on Google

Google offers a proactive tool for small businesses to take advantage of at no cost called Google My Business. After creating a free Google My Business account, a business can then be found on Google Maps by anyone who searches for a specific company or does a more general search looking for a particular type of local business that aligns with the company. For example, if a tourist is looking for a local lunch spot, and a business is a local sandwich shop open for lunch, when the tourist searches Google Maps for lunch spots nearby, that particular local restaurant will show up along with any other restaurants that also fall into a local lunch spot category. Brick-and-mortar businesses that depend on local and seasonal foot traffic usually benefit the most from establishing their presence on Google Maps.

Step #4: Seek Out Small Business Podcasts 

 Yes, a small business can boost marketing efforts by creating a podcast, but an even more time-saving and cost-friendly marketing move is to seek out existing podcasts that already have a listening audience and regularly invite guests. A small business owner can easily keep an eye out for podcasts that align with their services and products, industry, or entrepreneurship by signing up for email subscriptions and networking boards that regularly update viewers with podcasts looking for guests and what type of specific guest they hope to find. If an organization has a little more wiggle room in the budget, there are also digital platforms that host information about guests for podcasts to sign up for and search through at a small additional fee.

About Everest Business Funding

Everest Business Funding is a small business owner’s trusted partner. They support entrepreneurs by providing them with working capital to expand their business and operations. The entire application, approval, and funding process is completed in record time. When you need cash for equipment, staff, renovations, inventory, marketing, or anything else, Everest Business Funding can help.

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