Calendar: Unplug & Reconnect

August 31, 2019


A phone-free day retreat to rejuvenate creative energy and connect people to potential collaborators

Millennial Mission Media is working in partnership with local Los Angeles companies Vikasa Wellness, Brick, Techtonic Pop, and Jeffery Joints to put on the event at Rita House, just a few blocks from The Grove.

Unplug & Reconnect is a phone-free Day Retreat designed to rejuvenate creative energy and connect you to a network of people who are also embarking on new projects & endeavors. The event will follow a simple structure: Education, Entertainment, Enlightenment.

First, Tommy Sobel from Brick will use his neuroscience background to explain how social media and our cell phones create addiction within our brains & the importance of building healthy phone habits. Then, we’ll showcase Millennial Mission Media’s own Triple-M Digital Detox, a 7-day self-guided program to detox from your phone, filled with activities & tasks designed to replace those endorphins, activate your body, and spur your creativity. Lastly, Vikasa Wellness will teach a course called Chakra 101 to introduce everyone to the concept of chakras and how to heal an under- or overactive chakra.

At 6:00, dinner is provided (with vegan & non-vegan options), and at 7:30 there’s a LIVE recording of one of the podcasts on the Triple-M network: Under the Influence(r) with Evan Sloan! Evan will host a series of brief interviews with representatives from event sponsors about how they utilize their influence and what they aim to provide for the world. At 8:30, there’s a LIVE musical presentation, followed by a Millennial Music Dance party curated by the musical mavens at Techtonic Pop!

At 10:30, the dance party comes to an end, and everyone comes back together for a brief relaxation / meditation session. You’ll leave the event with a positive intention for yourself and a gift bag filled with treasures.

Tickets are for sale on Eventbrite for $50, which covers the full day’s activities, fun & games, dinner, a night of dancing, networking, your gift bag, & renewed confidence! Space is limited, so it’s first-come first-served!

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Event Location

Rita House, West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Event Fees