Calendar: The Twelve Strains of Christmas

December 7, 2019

8:30 p.m.

A joyful celebration of our beloved Mary Jane and the community who adores her.

12 Strains for toking
11 Blazers blazing
10 Nibbles for noshing
9 Gifts for taking
8 Joints for smoking
7 Stoners laughing
6 Nugs for vaping
5 Bongs for ripping
4 Mocktails
3 Hemp dabs
2 Chocolate fountains
And a pot farmer educating
We Ho-Ho-Hope you will join us.
This is a private event and all guests must sign a membership agreement upon entry.
There are no cannabis sales, of any kind, at our events.
We strongly recommend using Uber or Lyft to the event.

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Event Location

Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Event Fees