Calendar: The Basement: A Live Escape Room Experience presents HUMANA FESTUM

February 18, 2020

6 p.m.-9:30 p.m.

Humana Festum: A Serial Killer Cocktail Soiree with Free Drinks, Free Tacos and 4 Mini Escape Rooms

STORY: By now, you all know about our prolific serial killer, Edward Tandy and he and his mother’s plans to rid the world of those who lack… the wherewithal to save themselves. Additionally, over the years, Edward has accumulated “followers” that he has deemed the “proven few”. Edward and his cohorts have grown tired of spending their days on the Tandy property alone and have invited you to a special cocktail party known as Humana Festum.

At Humana Festum, you will be treated to the finest of spirits Tandy has to offer, as well as the chance to visit the four corners of Edward’s mind, where you will have to find remnants from his memories and use them to solve yet another one of his twisted games. Only this time, the reward is much greater — you may get a chance to meet Edward himself.

EVENT DESCRIPTION: Humana Festum is an immersive event with six performers where you will solve 4 mini escape rooms before combining everything you’ve collected in order to finish a larger overarching game. Once you’ve completed the game, you are free to hang out as long as you like to converse with other escape room and horror enthusiasts alike. Feel free to take photos and videos with our performers while you participate!

All ticket holders will receive two complimentary drink tickets, two complimentary taco vouchers (Yes, there will be tacos!), a special invitation from Edward himself, a small bag for your collected remnants, and a black soiree mask to wear while you mingle and search for said remnants. You will have access to the bar at all times during the game and can purchase additional drinks after you’ve used your two complimentary drink tickets.

This is a free-roaming event: Sharing a time-block with another group does not mean you need to play along with them. The time blocks are only to stagger arrival times. Book online.

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