The Art of Female Domination: HOW TO DO ANY SCENE!

August 4, 2019


Learn how how to create a scene, what to say, & how to wing it like a Professional Dominatrix!

Are you 50 Shades of Grey curious? Then do not come to this class. If, however, you are a Woman who is curious about how You can harness Your power as a Woman to have more control in Your career, over men and in your life through the erotic art of Female Domination, then this class is for you. Whether you are looking to spice up your sex life, be more in-control professionally, thinking about becoming a Dominatrix, or are a service provider looking to expand your bag of tricks, you will get the psychology and tools you need to get started.

In this class you will learn – How to do any kind of scene: The psychology the beta male mind!

Congrats! You’re a Dominatrix, new or experienced in the BDSM scene. So you’ve discovered the cool thing about SM is IT NEVER GETS BORING. There’s always something new, whether you’ve been doing it for a few months or decades. So that’s the good news. The bad news is how can any one Mistress, no matter how smart or creative be prepared to do any kind of scene? The possibilities are just too overwhelming.

Well the secret is understanding the psychology, neurology and anatomy of the male slave. Once your grasp the psychology of the different fetishes and fantasies, you’ll be able to predict what other kinks your male bottom has and he will think You are an amazing PSYCHIC GODDESS! He will be awestruck at how (he thinks) you read his mind, anticipate his needs and seem to know his mind better than he does.

Topics covered include:

1. The 3 different types of bottoms, which one is he?

2. The 2 different types of pain and what they tell you about Your slave

3. What to say; Talking about Yourself, Talking about Your fantasies, and choosing Your unique language. Words are powerful: buzzwords & triggers


Instructor: Tara Indiana

This class is open to all genders and orientations, but is taught from a Femme Domme Perspective

Event Location

Dungeon East, East 14th Street & Alameda 90021 - EXACT ADDRESS with TICKET!

Event Fees

30 in Advance / 40 Day of




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