TARANTINA: The Un-Official Quentin Tarantino Cabaret

July 11, 2019


TARANTINA, The Un-Official Quentin Tarantino Cabaret Showcase once again takes stage July 11, 2019. Since January, the once-monthly, all-woman show has transformed Club Bahia into a celebration of all things Quentin Tarantino. In each event, world-class acrobats, lounge singers, burlesque performers and more pay honor to the iconic femme-fatales that have enthralled, terrified and seduced us in films like Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill and beyond. Attendees enjoy special Tarantino-themed cocktails and authentic 80s dive bar atmosphere with the two-act show before dancing the night away to Tarantino soundtrack classics after the final performance. This July edition will be held several weeks before the world premiere of Tarantino’s ninth film, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The show features stand out performers like Brynn Route, an acrobatic pole sensation who brings to life young Nancy Callahan from the iconic dingy stripclub scene in Sin City. Kyla Carter, an LA native contortionist and general style queen embodies the raw, unapologetic energy of Jackie Brown in her grapple over a firearm with Ordell Robbie. Donna Hood, one of LA’s top burlesque entertainers and show producer herself, is stabbed awake by a perfectly swarovski’d syringe and performs a strip-en-pointe number as Mia Wallace from everyone’s favorite Pulp Fiction. The show lets audience members be knee-deep in cinema’s most memorable moments by giving them the opportunity to purchase “Experiences” that allow them to participate in ways they would have never dreamed.

The performance of TARANTINA will begin at 8:15pm, and the venue will close at 2am.

Event Location

Club Bahia, Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Event Fees

$25 - $300




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