Drop-in Meditation Classes

June 17, 2019

Repeats Every Week on Monday

7:30 p.m.

Drop in for a morning, mid-day or after-work rejuvenation with a gentle, guided meditation to calm and clear the mind, let go of tension and get re-focused for the rest of your day. These meditations improve our mindfulness, helping us to subdue our distractions and be more present, in the moment, with a positive state of mind.

No prior meditation experience is necessary and everyone is welcome.

Venue: Kadampa Meditation Center Hollywood


A Buddhist Approach to Addiction, Craving and Attachment

June 17 Buddhist Psychology: Understanding Attachment & Addiction – Public Talk with Gen Rigpa
Pre-registration encouraged
June 24 Train Your Mind: How Intention Creates Our World with Roozbeh Ghobadpour
July 1 The Power of Mindfulness: Holding a Good Intention with Roozbeh Ghobadpour
July 8 Guarding the Mind: Looking Out for Trouble with Roozbeh Ghobadpour
July 15 Escaping the Prison of Attachment through Love with Roozbeh Ghobadpour
July 22 Healing Addiction with Compassion: The Practice of Taking with Roozbeh Ghobadpour
July 29 Dissolving Away the Attached Self with Roozbeh Ghobadpour

Event Location

Kadampa Meditation Center Hollywood 4953 Franklin Ave.

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