Chocolate Tasting

July 20, 2019


Tastes & traditions abound as sweet and savory sensations deliciously collide all in the name of chocolate! Projet Chocolat & andSons Chocolatiers invite you to a unique tasting event of their enticing bonbons, created by Master Chocolatier and Chef Kriss Harvey.

Chocolate Sommelier Sophia Rea and Master Foodie Mara Papatheodorou, a former editor at Bon Appetit, unite to present an informative mouthwatering journey that delves into the enticing world of chocolate and its surprising suitors.

The program will be an hour and a half during which time Sophia and Mara will share flavorful fun, facts and folklore about cacao. To accompany their presentation, they have curated a selection of andSons bonbons. You will sample raw ingredients such as single-origin chocolate feves, delicious inclusions, as well as the finalized bonons to understand all the elements that go into a piece of chocolate. Using Projet Chocolat tasting kits, they will show you how to activate all your senses to enjoy chocolate in a whole new way.



Event Location

andSons Chocolatiers, Brighton Way, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

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