Calendar: Board Game Night at Two Bit Circus

September 25, 2019


We at Two Bit invite you to our first ever BOARD GAME NIGHT featuring secret stuff from...

There’s really nothing quite like sitting around a table with your close friends, overlooking a game board, holding cards and game pieces in your hands, and witnessing the communal bonds of trust rapidly erode as everyone commits unforgivable acts of deception and treachery while in pursuit of victory.
We at Two Bit obviously support this social dynamic, and thus invite you to our first ever BOARD GAME NIGHT on September 25. Come reclaim the good ol’ days with some old fashioned tabletop game play, featuring secret stuff from the Exploding Kittens crew and Cards Against Humanity. As well as new puzzle goodness from The Wild Optimists and a free-play tutorial from the Killer Queen community. If you enjoy our Beta Nights, this is Beta Night meets BOARD GAMES. Event is free.

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Event Location

Two Bit Circus, Mateo Street, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Event Fees



All Ages