Calendar: American Standard: A Story of Enough

September 19, 2019 - September 28, 2019


Lilly Bright's original solo play explores how our deepest fears are actually our keys to freedom.

Bright’s show is based on her true life story of surviving a near two-decade battle with bulimia and various “not-enough” demons, propelling her on an often comical, always poignant search for a cure, resulting in discovery of a path to imperfect wholeness and, ultimately, the courage to finally feel enough.

What begins as a coping mechanism to a chaotic childhood, bulimia quickly becomes a full-blown addiction and the focal point of Lilly’s life beginning in rural West Virginia. Relentless, determined, and bristling with grit, Lilly searches endlessly for a “cure,” from treatment centers to comical New Age practices to chance encounters with sage and colorful characters. Eventually, and under surprising circumstances, Lilly triumphs in a city notorious for sun and superficiality. And finally, led by courage and heart, Lilly discovers how the things she feared the most could in fact become the keys to her freedom. The freedom to finally be….enough.

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Event Location

Highways Performance Space and Gallery, 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA, USA

Event Fees

$15-25 (FREE concession beverage with Friday night ticket purchase)