Youth Brigade, Channel 3, One Square Mile, Craneo


Past Event

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Alex's Bar
2913 E. Anaheim St.
Long Beach, CA  90804
Influential local melodic hardcore outfit Youth Brigade was formed in 1980 by the Stern brothers (Shawn, Mark and Adam) and, though they took a four-year break between 1987 and ’91, they’ve pretty much stuck around ever since. Influenced by established hardcore vets such as Circle Jerks and Black Flag as well as U.K. Oi groups like U.K. Subs, Youth Brigade went on to influence the likes of The Briefs and The Nation of Ulysses. Shawn and Mark are at least as well known for creating BYO Records, the label responsible for releases by the aforementioned Briefs, Bouncing Souls and many more. That said, the last Youth Brigade studio albums came out in 1996, five years after the reunion. Boys, it’s time to get back to work.


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