Wyldlife, Dirty Few, Chief White Lightning, New American

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Alex's Bar
2913 E. Anaheim St.
Long Beach, CA  90804
New York hard rockers Wyldlife describe their style as “barbwire bubble-gum,” and that pretty much nails it. The potent combination of harsh riffs and infectious melodies is a tried and tested musical soup, and these guys are pulling it off as well as anyone on the circuit right now. Their influences are as expected: the Stones, MC5, New York Dolls, The Clash, The Ramones, Motörhead, Elvis, Little Richard. They’re summoning the true spirit of rock & roll, adding their own little bit of filth, and taking it out in the van to every dive that will have them. Throwaway riffs and big choruses — Lemmy would be proud. The bill is completed by Dirty Few, Long Beach’s Chief White Lightning and blues-rockers New American.


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