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Los Angeles, CA  90015
An internet search of the term ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) reveals a lot of complex explanations for a neuro-physical combination of relaxation and skin-tingling, often referred to as a "brain orgasm." In the hands (literally) of Whisperlodge, ASMR is the foundation of an intimate one-on-one performance art experience that redefines immersive to include diving into your own consciousness. Eight guests at a time enter a 90-minute conceptual spa treatment involving blindfolds, low-key movements, touching of hair and skin and the turning off of cellphones, as personal guides use ordinary objects to stimulate an expanded multisensory field. This edition features daytime slots in addition to the recommended night gallery version, and has developed an ASL aspect, making the entire thing accessible to the hearing-impaired. Silver Lake location provided with ticket purchase.
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