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Book Soup
8818 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA  90069
Wayne Kramer had at least two meanings in mind when he titled his new memoir The Hard Stuff. The title, which was also the name of his 1995 solo album, alludes to Kramer's savage guitar sound as a member of late-'60s proto-punk revolutionaries The MC5. It's also a reference to his problems with drugs, which resulted in a stretch in prison in the mid-1970s. But Kramer's experiences behind bars led to an epiphany of sorts about the lives that go to waste in the labyrinth of the modern U.S. prison industry. The guitarist transmuted his early political activism into efforts to inspire inmates to learn how to play music through his Jail Guitar Doors program. This evening, Kramer rambles freely with like-minded writer Jerry Stahl about the failed Drug War, his adventurous life and music, as well as growing up in the multicultural crossroads of Detroit, where "everything was a great adventure."
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