Timmy's Organism, Zig Zags, The Flytraps, DJ Don Bolles


Past Event

Location Info:

The Hi Hat
5043 York Blvd.
Highland Park, CA  90042-1713
Timmy “Vulgar” Lampinen is a beloved figure within the tight Detroit underground rock & roll scene. Indeed, when The White Stripes broke through in the ’90s, and every label and critic was heading to the D to uncover the next garage-rock shining light, Lampinen’s The Clone Defects were a hot tip. His next project, The Human Eye, was equally revered on a local level for several years, thanks to a few fascinating, experimental albums. But the beginning of this decade heralded the formation of a new band, Timmy’s Organism. A deal with old friend Jack White’s Third Man Records has enabled Lampinen to take his unique noise to a wider audience, and that’s to everyone’s benefit. Expect uncompromising, thrilling post-punk action at the Hi-Hat. Zig Zags and The Fly Traps also play, and Don Bolles DJs.


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