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Ernest Borgnine Theatre
855 Elm Ave.
Long Beach, CA  90813
Even as humans encounter the consequences of rampant technology in this century, we're still making sense of the dramatic scientific upheavals that occurred in the 20th century. Composer Steve Reich and his video artist wife, Beryl Korot, focus on three disparate events that occurred over the past 100 years — the Hindenburg disaster, nuclear tests by the U.S. on Bikini Atoll and the cloning of Dolly the sheep — in their 2002 video opera, Three Tales. Reich's minimalist, cycling melodies, delivered by a small ensemble and five vocalists, are augmented by Korot's interlocking patterns of video imagery, archival footage and interviews, creating an alternately unsettling, momentous and haunting atmosphere in conductor Andreas Mitisek and Long Beach Opera's presentation.


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