The Truce: The Voicemail Show!


Past Event
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Location Info:

Comedy Central Stage
6539 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA  90038
Modern communication revolves around emails, texts and social media — you probably only get calls from your doctor and your tech-challenged parents. But voicemails haven't completely gone the way of beepers and fax machines. Directed by Christine Bullen, The Truce: The Voicemail Show! reminds us that people still leave spoken words on our phones, and that they're often very funny. Karen Baughn, Geri Carrillo, Sara Clarke-Chan, David Danipour, Andrew Goldmeier, Madeleine Kang, Amber Kenny, Josh Krilov, Alex McCale, Charlie Mihelich and Michael Murphy, who perform monthly as sketch comedy team the Truce at ACME, crowdsourced actual voicemails — wrong numbers, sales calls, automated messages, drunk dials — from friends and family. Tonight, they perform the best of the worst, each followed by a sketch routine. You might not like to talk anymore but you can still listen.
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