The Public Image Is Rotten

<i>The Public Image is Rotten</i>

Duncan Bryceland John Lydon


2019-01-16 20:00:00
8:00 p.m. January 16

Location Info:

The Regent Theater
448 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013-1320
Love him or hate him, John Lydon, aka Johnny Rotten, is always good for a provocative point of view, and many of his contrarian opinions are given free flight in the new documentary The Public Image Is Rotten. Best known as the lead singer of The Sex Pistols, Lydon actually went on to a far more musically experimental and provocative persona with his next band, Public Image Ltd. Tonight, director Tabbert Fiiller discusses the film, which sheds crucial light on the messy machinations behind the curtain as PiL sabotaged classic rock with a more revolutionary outlook than even the Pistols ever managed.
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