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Street Art House
12775 Millennium Drive, Unit 115
Playa Vista, CA 
In 1982, Karen Bystedt was a young photographer with a lot of chutzpah, living in New York to attend NYU, a fan of fashion, downtown culture and Andy Warhol. When she called the Interview magazine offices, to her surprise and delight, he not only answered the phone himself but immediately acceded to her request to photograph him. The majority of the quirky, friendly and classic images from that session were not seen for three decades. But for the last several years, Bystedt has not only been revisiting the session but giving the pictures a whole new life, as in true Warholian style she invited contemporary painters and street artists to collaborate on the revival by augmenting the photos with their signature magic. Speedy Graphito, Gregory Siff, Bradley Theodore and dozens of others have helped transform once-buried treasures into the exuberant project "The Lost Warhols," on view at Street Art House. The exhibition continues through Dec. 22, but contact Street Art House for information on visiting the show between special opening and closing weekend parties and sales events.


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