The Grinns, The Aquadolls, The Gems, Pleo Shaman


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The Smell
247 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90012
The Aquadolls started out with an appealing mix of garage rock, girl-band harmonies, punk-rock drive and surf-guitar riffs on 2014’s Stoked on You but the SoCal group have expanded their sound further with their latest release, The Dream and the Deception. Lead singer Melissa Brooks and her band attempt to broaden their appeal with less-retro, mainstream-style pop songs such as “Euphoria” while still mixing in occasional punk blasts like “I’m a Star.” Brooks’ starry-eyed quest for fame crops up in the lyrics for the latter song and such tracks as “Hollywood,” but The Aquadolls still stand out from the numerous other bands in this town chasing the often-illusory ideal of celebrity. Brooks’ vocals continue to charm on such pop idylls as “Ruby Eyes” and the softly glowing “Perfect.” Plus The Grinns, The Gems and Pleo Shaman.


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