The Greater Body: Shi Dat


Past Event

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The Broad
221 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, California  90012
The Broad sometimes seems more like a randomly assembled hodgepodge of its namesake Eli Broad's personal art collection than a thoughtfully curated museum, but the institution has mounted some interesting temporary exhibitions and ongoing programs. The Summer Happenings series often presents unusual combinations of personalities from the art and music worlds, and this evening's edition, "The Greater Body: Shi Dat," gathers together a fascinating assortment of creative types who evoke China in both traditional and modern ways. Performances by Beijing punk bands such as FAZI, Hell City and Shave 'n' Shut are juxtaposed with more experimental works by Yan Jun and Ji Dongyang, and the arty California ensemble Xiu Xiu were just added to a lineup that includes Re-TROS, Asian Dope Boys, Aïsha Devi and Daniel Collás.
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