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The Love Song
450 S. Main St.
Los Angeles, CA  90013
On their Facebook page, The Fruit Flies’ Danni Parpan and Molly McCormick describe their music as “one part musical talent, one part sassy charm and two parts inappropriate behavior.” Such breezy indie-pop ditties as “Summer in the City” demonstrate the first two parts of that equation with unabashedly joyful melodies that are characterized by the local duo’s cheery harmonies and simple acoustic-guitar backing. It’s not clear when the inappropriate behavior starts to occur, but Parpan and McCormick have the range to segue into more solemnly moving and glassily beautiful soundscapes such as “06 Lullaby” alongside sunnier, folk-style reveries like “Golden,” which are graced by the pair’s lilting harmonies. This evening’s free set at the Love Song offers a prime opportunity to fall for The Fruit Flies’ deceptively simple musical spells.


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