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The Forum
3900 W. Manchester Blvd.
Inglewood, CA  90305
Despite the fact that they remain one of the world’s best-selling rock acts, and they’re particularly popular here in California, The Eagles are one of those bands that people love to hate. Maybe we can put some of it down to the Dude’s outbursts in The Big Lebowski, but only some. The middle-of-the-road country rock that these guys popularized is almost entirely without edge. Rock for people who don’t normally like rock. That sort of thing. The thing is, that’s all a touch unfair. The sweet country melodies with Joe Walsh’s hard guitar and some poetic lyrics have always had the ability to touch a nerve, for better or worse. “Take It to the Limit” is a gorgeous song, and “Hotel California” is a local anthem. Of course, nobody has to like them, particularly in the wake of Glenn Frey’s death. But Nickelback-for-oldies they ain’t. Also Friday-Saturday, Sept. 14-15.
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