Two icons of the 1960s — The Rolling Stones and director Jean-Luc Godard — collide and collaborate in one of the strangest and most unsettling rock & roll films of the era, Sympathy for the Devil. Originally titled One Plus One by Godard, the film, set against the chaotic culture clashes of 1968, is ostensibly a documentation of the British band while they're recording ever-mutating versions of "Sympathy for the Devil" (at one point, Mick Jagger has to pluralize and update his original lyric "Who killed Kennedy?" to acknowledge the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy). But Godard juxtaposed studio performances by the Stones with jarring footage of the Black Panthers and symbolic allusions to socialism to create a work that thoroughly confused the band's teeny-bopper fans. Cinematographer Tony Richmond will do a post-screening Q&A.


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