Summer Happenings: Social Shaman


Past Event

Location Info:

The Broad
221 S. Grand Ave.
Los Angeles, California  90012
Even though “happenings” were an art concept popularized by Fluxus artist Allan Kaprow, it’s hard to be churlish when faced with the sheer wealth of Joseph Beuys– and Fluxus-inspired work at tonight’s Happenings. Chief among the strange and wonderful welter of sound bestowed unto you by the spirits of Fluxus is a live action by constitutionally brilliant German dream merchants faUSt. Will you see pinball players jamming onstage while their mesmeric and psychedelic music unfolds? Someone knitting while they perform? You just never know with faUSt. Also: the politically charged grooves of DJ Eye; Lonnie Holley and Nelson Patton reminding dead souls that they were once alive with their alchemical resonance tests; noise-in-opposition with Sigrid Lauren and Monica Mirabile as FlucT; electronica pioneers and washing machine enthusiasts Matmos; Margaret Chardiet’s sonic autopsies and burials performed as Pharmakon; and the aural auras of Total Freedom.
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