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Daily from January 14 until January 18
XBIZ, the adult entertainment industry’s leading source for news and information, provides up-to-the-minute coverage of the industry at The company also publishes the industry publications XBIZ World Magazine, the #1 publication for adult digital media professionals, and XBIZ Premiere Magazine, which covers the sex toys market from top to bottom.

Articles about XBIZ, its news stories, and events, have appeared on such major TV networks as CNN, Fox News, ABC and MSNBC, and have been published in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Wired, CNET, USA Today, and The Los Angeles Times, among many other top media outlets.

The annual XBIZ trade show in Los Angeles unites over 1,500 players from international markets to promote business opportunities and examine the future of the adult entertainment industry.

The XBIZ Awards is the grand finale of the XBIZ trade show, and honors the very best in the business of sex across movie production, digital media, pleasure products and retail. The 2019 XBIZ Awards hosted by Stormy Daniels will mark the show’s 17th annual presentation. Over the years, many other icons from the adult entertainment industry have graced the stage of the XBIZ Awards, including Jenna Jameson and Ron Jeremy.


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