Back when the band Christian Death first bared their tortured souls onstage in L.A., and Patrik Mata of Kommunity FK creepily crooned about inner despair, death rock (it wasn't called "goth" then) was fresh, fierce and new. At Spiritual Cramp, Sado Maso Disco's fundraiser for a new documentary of the same name about departed Christian Death singer Rozz Williams, you'll get to see some of the O.G.s who are still around, still making gorgeous gloom and bringing fans of dark and decadent rock, dance and fashion together. Amid the splendor of one of L.A.'s oldest churches, Kommunity FK will celebrate its 40th anniversary with some rare gems, while two former Christian Death members — Eva O and Gitane DeMone (with a quartet featuring Rikk Agnew and Paul Roessler) — conjure more wicked soundscapes. Don Bolles on the decks, "service" pamphlets, Blood of Christ drinks and a pop-up photo exhibit round out the unholy hullabaloo. Black attire and formal wear is encouraged.


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